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Allen and Hodgman | Express Entry closes out year at 446, as processing times achieve warp speed

Express Entry closes out year at 446, as processing times achieve warp speed

The last Express Entry draw for 2017, held on December 20, 2017, utilized a cutoff of CRS 446. This is still well within the grasp of persons with strong scores for education, language skills and work experience, especially younger persons close to or under thirty years of age. In a recent tweak of the system, a “tie-breaker” has been introduced for persons with the lowest score in the draw¬† (in this case, 446 exactly), based on the exact date and time their profile was submitted. The purpose of the tie breaker is to allow the government to issue an exact number of invitations of their choosing. For instance, the number of ITAs issued on December 20 was 2,750.

The government of Canada is doing a great of job of keeping their promise to process Express Entry cases in six months or less. While individual cases vary depending on numerous factors, many Express Entry cases are being processed in around two months. So the dream of immigrating to Canada in six months or less has now come true for thousands of persons, including many of our own clients. The majority of our Express Entry clients are H-1B workers in the U.S., who have lost patience with waiting years or even decades for their U.S. green cards.

We look forward to seeing whether the cutoff will drop in the new draws beginning in January 2018.