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Allen and Hodgman | Express Entry cutoff hits 415 – get in now before it’s too late!

Express Entry cutoff hits 415 – get in now before it’s too late!

The Express Entry draw held April 19, 2017 again hit a new low as the number of ITAs issued continued to soar. Canada has now issued more ITAs in 2017 than in all of 2016. As we predicted, dropping the points for arranged employment from 600 to 50 has dramatically lowered the cutoff point, as has clearing out the backlogs from earlier years. It is now possible for anyone in their mid thirties or younger with good language test results, a college degree, and several years of work experience to immigrate to Canada in a matter of a few months. The cutoff is now so low that it is often possible to overcome weakness in one category with strength in another. For instance, older persons with advanced degrees and very strong language test results may now qualify, while this was impossible just a few weeks ago.

But has a bottom now formed? Will the cutoff continue to drop significantly? Don’t bet on it! As it becomes easier to qualify, more people will go to the time and expense on obtaining ECAs and taking the language tests. Competition will sharply increase in the 400 to 450 range. Moreover, at some point Canada will come near reaching the annual targets for the economic classes that are funneled through Express Entry. At that point the cutoff will rise to reduce the number of ITAs.

We believe the current excellent opportunities will remain available for a few more weeks or months, but not much longer. The time is now for everyone interested in Canadian immigration to take all the necessary steps to get into the Express Entry pool. The biggest bottleneck at present is obtaining the required evaluations from WES or another designated agency. Do not wait until you have your language results are in to apply for an ECA. The time you lose can cost you a once in a lifetime opportunity to start a new life in Canada.