Canada continues to limit Express Entry draws to Canadian Experience Class and Provincial Nominees

Canada has continued to limit Express Entry draws to Provincial Nominees and the Canadian Experience Class. The August 19, 2021 draw, for instance, resulted in a draw of 3,000 persons with a cutoff of 403. Since September 15, 2021, only provincial nominees have been drawn. Both provincial nominees and Canada Experience class consist of persons who are already in Canada, and who have some combination of Canadian work experience, Canadian education, and a Canadian job offer. No persons have been drawn in the Skilled Worker category since December 23, 2020 with a cutoff of 468. There are now a very large number of skilled workers outside Canada with Express Entry scores far higher than the scores of the persons being drawn today. If and when Skilled Worker draws resume, the cutoffs will likely occur in the high 680’s.

Canada has justified the exclusion of federal skilled workers because of the difficulty of traveling to Canada during the pandemic. With the current high rate of vaccination in Canada, and the reopening of the border to all vaccinated travelers, this concern in unwarrented. We hope to see the Express Entry draws reopen to federal Skilled Workers in the near future, and a gradual return to cutoff scores in the mid 600’s.