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Nova Scotia announces exciting new immigration program (no job offer needed!)

The Canadian province of Nova Scotia has announced a new skilled worker immigration program, known as the “Regional Labour Market Demand Stream.” Unlike the federal skilled worker program and most if not all of the other provincial programs, this program does not require a job offer. The applicant must have two years of experience out of the last five years in one of twenty-five listed “in demand occupations.” This includes most IT, medical, and engineering occupations. Applicants must demonstrate intermediate language proficiency in either English or French (Canadian Language Benchmark 5 in reading, writing, speaking and listening). Applicants must be…

Canada Eliminates Investor Classes

On Friday February 14th, Canada announced that both the Federal Investor and Federal Entrepreneur immigration classes would be eliminated, effective immediately. In addition, most if not all pending applications will be cancelled, and the filing fees refunded. The Quebec investor program remains in place, as do several provincial investor programs.

Canada Places New Limits on Canadian Experience Class

In a startling announcement made November 8, 2013, Citizenship and Immigration Canada announced strict new limits on the Canadian Experience Class, which up until now had been the favorite program of the current Conservative Party government. The Canadian experience class allows persons to apply for permanent residence after working for one year in Canada in certain skilled occupations. The new restrictions went into effect immediately, applying to cases filed on or after November 9, 2013. The restrictions are as follows: There will now be an annual cap of 12,000 total applications. There had previously been no cap. The first cap…

New Limits on Skilled Worker Class

On June 26, 2010 Canadian immigration minister Jason Kenney announced drastic new revisions to both the skilled worker category and the investor category. The skilled worker category has been changed by new “Instructions,” and the investor category has been changed by new regulations. According to the instructions, skilled worker cases filed on or after June 26, 2010 will be processed only if they meet one of the following criteria: The applicant has at least one year of experience in one of a new list of 28 occupations identified in the instructions. Click here for the list; or The applicant has an offer of arranged…

Canada Skilled Worker Program Announces Occupations List

A notice posted on the website of Citizenship and Immigration Canada on April 18, 2013 announced the occupations list for the skilled worker class. This list applies only to persons who do not have approved job offers. Persons with job offers can apply in any skilled occupation. The notice also identified the organizations that will evaluate non-Canadian academic credentials. The notice also stated that each occupation on the list will be capped at 300 “complete” applications, and the list as a whole will be capped at 5,000 applications. The skilled worker program reopened on May 4, 2013 for persons without job…