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Come to the United States!

There are many pathways for foreign nationals to come to the United States to visit, study, work, or live permanently. We have a wealth of experience obtaining a wide range of nonimmigrant visas, including H-1Bs for professional workers, and TN (NAFTA) visas for Canadian and Mexican professionals. We have helped persons from all over the world obtain U.S. Green Cards, based on employment and on marriage.


Come to Canada!

Canada offers many opportunities for to live, work and study in a prosperous country with excellent schools, social services, and universal health care. We help people work temporarily in Canada through NAFTA and other programs. We also help people immigrate to Canada as skilled workers through the Express Entry program, and through spousal sponsorship. Do you have a parent born in Canada? Good news! You’re Canadian already.


U.S.-Canada Marriages

U.S. Canada-Marriages — Green Cards or Maple Leaf cards? We can find the answer for you.  more


Canadian alternatives for H-1B workers

Lost the H-1B lottery? Tired of waiting for your Green Card? Worried about your H-4 EAD? Canada may be the answer! more


Canada Immigration Waivers for Criminal Convictions

Problems entering Canada because of a DUI or other criminal convictions? We can help. more


Renunciation of U.S. Citizenship

We offer solutions for “accidental” dual U.S. citizens living in Canada.  more

Who We Are

Our practice consists of both Canadian and U.S. immigration law. We are lawyers who are licensed to practice immigration law in both Canada and the United States. If you want to live, work or study in Canada or the United States, we want to help. We are also experienced in working with businesses to obtain the right work permit quickly for your foreign workers. We have successfully handled many family cases as well.

We have offices in the Midwest United States in Cleveland, Ohio and in Atlantic Canada near Halifax, Nova Scotia. With the help of phone, Zoom, and email, we serve clients all over the world.