Canadian Immigration for H-1B Workers in the U.S.


Canada provides many immigration solutions for H-1B workers in the United States. Canada is a diverse and tolerant country with a strong job market, excellent education, and universal health care. Under Canada’s new Express Entry program, strong candidates can immigrate to Canada as Permanent Residents in less than six months.

Express Entry is a points based immigration system that does not require a job offer or an employer sponsor. All skilled occupations, including all software development, engineering, medical, and academic occupations qualify. Points are awarded for education, work experience, age, and language ability in either English or French. Many H-1B workers in the U.S. are ideal candidates for Express Entry, as H-1B workers excel in all of these areas. Due to COVID, the Express Entry system has been suspended since December 2020. However, Canada Immigration Minister Sean Fraser has announced that Express Entry draws will resume in early July 2022.

To get your Express Entry application underway or for more information, SEND US AN EMAIL with the following information:

  • A complete and up to date C.V. including your education and work experience. Please provide accurate dates for your work experience, and indicate if any of the work experience was unpaid or part time.
  • Your date of birth.
  • Whether you have a job offer in Canada
  • Whether you have a spouse or children that will be coming to Canada with you. If your spouse has a work history or university education, please include your spouse’s CV as well. If you have children, please tell us their ages.
  • Your language test results if you have taken a language test in English or French
  • Your reasons for wanting to move to Canada, and any other special circumstances that will help us understand your case.

For more information, SEE OUR WEB PAGE ON EXPRESS ENTRY.

There are many other Canadian immigration options available, including temporary work permits if you have a job offer in Canada; study permits to continue your education in Canada; immigration through one of the provincial nominee programs; and spousal sponsorship if you are married to a Canadian citizen or permanent resident.

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